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Current Job Openings

St. Matthews is a church looking to grow and thrive in the 21st century. If you want to be a part of this exciting adventure, look into one of the job opportunities found below.

St. Matthews UMC

Livonia, MI

Church Engagement Director


Responsible to: Lead Pastor


Job Description:


Do you believe the church needs to connect with its community? Do you believe that all it takes is a passionate individual to help that happen? Do you want to be part of a new and exciting opportunity to help make that happen? If you can answer yes to those questions, the Church Engagement Director Position is for you.


The primary goal of the Church Engagement Director will be to help St. Matthews connect with the community that surrounds us. How will this happen? First, helping our name by being known throughout the city of Livonia. We want to be known as the Church in Livonia that actively desires to be a part of the community. Our Engagement will reach outside of the church walls, seeking to discover the needs of our community, and seeing where our Church can help meet those needs.


Through connection with the community, the Engagement Director will help connect new members of the congregation to their passions in ministry and ensure they find a place within the church. Connecting  members with their passions is a way we can help grow our Church, which will then lead to an increased ability to serve our community.  How can we serve? That is a question you will help us answer as you create ways to engage both inside of the church walls, as well as outside in our community.


The Engagement Coordinator will also seek to organize class offerings, curriculum, and events at the Church. This will include fun events such as a Day of Community Blessings, Trunk Or Treats, Vacation Bible School, and other events that you create. Your passion will be the only limit to what you can do at St. Matthews! 


Working Hours: 15-20 hours/week initially. The position has the likelihood of increasing in hours offered as engagement increases, and growth occurs. Schedule is flexible, and can be arranged with the Pastor. Regular Sunday attendance.




High School Diploma or Equivalent required. Experience in Education and/or community growth desired. Looking for an individual who is passionate about church growth and involvement, and can share that passion with others, resulting in supporting, training, and recruiting volunteers.


Compensation: 15/hour


Paid Vacation: After six months of successful employment, vacation equivalent to 3 weeks of working hours will be provided.

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