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St. Matthew's United Methodist Church

Building Connection Through Community, Missions, and Worship

Our Story

Welcome to St. Matthew's United Methodist Church. We are a congregation of multi-generational Christians, seeking to learn and live the gospel of Jesus Christ and bring this Good News to others. We have been serving the Livonia community for over 50 years. We offer many opportunities to become involved in the church. We are family-friendly. We offer contemporary worship, as well as traditional. We are an inclusive church, which means ALL are invited to participate in the full body of the church. We invite you to join us.

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Prayer Concerns

Do you have a prayer to lift up? Please let us know. Be sure to include the person who needs prayers, the reason for the prayers, and If they need a visit or call by our pastor/caregiver. Of course, if you would prefer to leave the person anonymous you can certainly do that as well!

Thanks for submitting!

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